The Bridge Camp School Grant – Jharkhand Education Project Council (JEPC)

Introduction –


Jharkhand Education Project Council (JEPC) is an autonomous body registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 on 12th April 2001. It functions as the State Implementation Society (SIS) to pursue the goals of universalisation of elementary education (UPE) which has received attention under the National Policy on Education (NPE) adopted in 1986 and consequently updated in 1992. The NPE provides a framework for the development of education and plan of action, for assigning specific responsibilities for organizing, implementing and financing education, giving it an unqualified priority.


JEPC has been involved in implementing various programmes like - The Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV), National Programme of Education for Girls at Elementary Level(NPEGEL) etc. Bridge Camp School is another successful program of JEPC, run by local NGOs.


Program run by Local NGO with support of JEPC Grant. -


1. Bridge courses -


Bridge Courses both of residential and non residential types of varying duration. The objective is to prepare the drop-out children for age appropriate grade through condensed course.


2. Bridge Camp school (Residential Bridge courses) -

Drop out children who migrate with their families, wage earning child labourers (11-14 years of age) who could not be enrolled directly in formal schools have been enrolled in residential bridge course (Camp schools).


3. Back to School -


Under this program the very specific and flexible strategies have been adopted for street children, children living in platform, slum, construction sites, working in shops, Dhabas & children involved in other domestic works & children in remand homes.


4. Remedial Teaching -


These centres are operational before or after school hours. The children received remedial teaching who became mainstreamed into formal schools from bridge courses / camp and the children of poor achievement level in formal schools.


Where to apply –


Jharkhand Education Project Council has two committees for grant making, namely Pre Sanction Appraisal Committee (PSAC) and Grant-in-Aid Committee (GIAC) which are constituted for appraisal and approval of the proposals under AIE. After recommendation of Pre Sanction Appraisal Committee, the proposals are placed before Grant-in-Aid Committee.

For more info or clarification ask to skf NGO funding consultants (if your NGO is already registered in skf NGO directory, or click here to register it now) or contact to office of Jharkhand Education Project Council.

The NGO Funding Consultants



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